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Samp-RP / 2022

Welcome to Samp-RP

Samp-RP / 2022


Samp-RP / 2022



Study is coming! Time to start playing on Samp-RP

Work Experience

Working on the trailer for "Welcome to Samp-RP" provided an unconventional challenge that inverted the typical workflow of animation and editing. Unlike traditional projects where animation precedes editing, this process began with the editing phase, followed by the creation of animations to match the edited sequence. This reverse approach required a highly collaborative and iterative process between me and the animation team. Initially, I crafted a rough edit based on the script and storyboard, outlining the pacing, rhythm, and key moments that the trailer needed to convey. This edit served as a blueprint for the animators, guiding them in creating visuals that precisely matched the established tempo and narrative beats. This method posed unique challenges, especially in ensuring seamless integration between the edit and animation. It demanded a flexible and adaptive editing style, as adjustments were frequently made to accommodate the evolving animation. The experience significantly enhanced my skills in narrative pacing and visual storytelling, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and close collaboration in creative projects. The final product was a highly synchronized trailer that seamlessly blended animation and editing, offering a compelling introduction to "Welcome to Samp-RP." This project was a valuable lesson in the potential of unconventional workflows to produce innovative and engaging content.