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NOUBARI BOYE | Tamar Kaprelian

Nubari Boye / 2018


Nubari Boye / 2018



Official video for Tamar Kaprelian's interpretation of the Armenian classic Noubari Boye. Director: Ashot Hovsepyan Camera Operator: Vardan Harytyunyan Drone Camera Operator: Sevak Soghomonyan Editing: Narek Nazaryan Color Correction: Tigran Baghinyan Production Assistant: Yana Karapetyan Costume Designer: Lili Mehrabyan Makeup: Sweetlana Ishkhanyan Song Arrangement: Garegin Arakelyan Vocal Recording & Mix: DerHova

Work Experience

Working on the music video "NOUBARI BOYE" for Tamar Kaprelian marked my first foray into the intricate world of slow-motion cinematography. This project challenged me to merge the dynamic pace of the song with the captivating visual effect of slow-motion filming, creating a unique juxtaposition that enhanced the emotional depth and artistic expression of the piece. The process involved meticulously planning each shot to ensure that the slow-motion footage harmoniously complemented the rapid tempo of the music. This required a deep understanding of the technical aspects of slow-motion filming, such as adjusting frame rates and mastering post-production techniques to synchronize the slowed visuals with the song's faster vocals. This project was a significant learning experience, pushing me to explore new creative boundaries and technical skills. It was exhilarating to see how the slow-motion effect could transform the performance, adding a layer of visual poetry that intertwined beautifully with Tamar Kaprelian's vocals. The outcome was a visually stunning music video that stood out for its innovative approach to storytelling through motion, setting a new personal benchmark in my video editing and production career.