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Sep. 19 / 2020

September 19

Sep. 19 / 2020


Sep. 19 / 2020



The film is about 3 young students, who try to gather all students studying at their university and organize a protest for reforms in the educational system. But because of those 3 students’ personal problems, the protest fails. The film is divided into 3 parts – 3 different stories of those 3 students (Nane, David, Saten). The same day (the day of the protest) repeats 3 times (in 3 parts), but from the personal view of the part’s character.

Work Experience

Working on "September 19," my second short narrative film, presented a unique challenge and learning experience as it involved crafting three interconnected stories that unfold simultaneously. My primary goal was to edit these narratives in such a way that the tempo and rhythm of each character's journey were distinctly conveyed, ensuring that the audience could fully immerse themselves in the personal struggles and perspectives of Nane, David, and Saten. The film's structure required a meticulous approach to editing, as it was crucial to maintain a cohesive narrative flow while also highlighting the individuality of each part. Through careful selection of shots, pacing adjustments, and the strategic use of music and sound design, I aimed to enhance the emotional resonance of each storyline, ensuring that the viewers felt the unique essence of each character's experience on the day of the failed protest. This project was instrumental in developing my skills in narrative storytelling and editing for emotion and rhythm. It pushed me to think creatively about how to weave together separate stories into a unified film that speaks to the collective experience of seeking change, while also honoring the personal narratives that drive each character. "September 19" was a profound exploration of how personal challenges can intersect with larger social movements, and my role as an editor was to bring this complex interplay to life on the screen.