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Khabarovsk 201

Interesting people, Khabarovsk residents

Khabarovsk 2018


Khabarovsk 2018



The film consists of self-contained short stories organically combined into a single documentary narrative that introduces the viewer to today's Khabarovsk Territory and its inhabitants.

Work Experience

In my role as an editor, I had the privilege of crafting a narrative that, while ostensibly centered on professions, jobs, and crafts, delved much deeper into the essence of individual stories. This project challenged me to look beyond the surface of each tale to uncover the personal journeys and identities at their core. Through meticulous editing, I shaped hours of raw footage into a cohesive documentary that highlighted the human experience behind each profession. My approach was to ensure that the personal narratives of those featured were front and center, allowing their stories to unfold naturally and authentically. This experience not only honed my technical skills in editing but also deepened my understanding of storytelling, emphasizing the power of individual perspectives in creating compelling narratives.