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Ohan Duryan 2017



"Hovhannes Khachaturyan, Ohan Duryan" presents an extraordinary television documentary journey into the lives and legacies of two seminal figures in Armenian and global classical music. This film weaves together the stories of Hovhannes Khachaturyan and Ohan Duryan, whose distinct paths in music nonetheless converged in their profound impact on Armenia's musical heritage and on the international stage. Through a blend of rare archival footage, personal anecdotes, and interviews with contemporaries, students, and music experts, the documentary delves into the unique contributions of each maestro. Khachaturyan, celebrated for his evocative compositions, and Duryan, renowned for his visionary conductance, both embodied the spirit and resilience of Armenian culture through their work. The film navigates the intertwined narratives of Khachaturyan and Duryan, from their early struggles to their rise as icons of classical music, highlighting their innovative approaches to composition and performance, their dedication to nurturing future generations, and their unwavering commitment to bringing Armenian music to the forefront of the global classical repertoire. Set against the majestic backdrop of Armenia's landscapes and enriched by the stirring melodies of Khachaturyan and Duryan, transcends the boundaries of a traditional documentary. It is an invitation to experience the soul-stirring depth of Armenian music and to celebrate the enduring legacy of two maestros whose lives and works continue to inspire musicians and music lovers around the world.

Work Experience

Joining the production of a documentary television film marked a significant milestone in my career—my inaugural venture into the realm of film. This experience was not just an introduction; it was a comprehensive immersion into the intricate process of documentary filmmaking. From the initial concept to the final edit, every phase offered new challenges and learning opportunities. I was tasked with navigating through extensive research, which honed my ability to sift through vast amounts of information to find the most compelling and relevant facts. This was crucial in laying the groundwork for the narrative we aimed to construct. My involvement in the scripting phase further developed my storytelling skills, teaching me how to weave facts into a narrative that was both informative and engaging. The hands-on experience in shooting and editing was invaluable. I learned to appreciate the art of visual storytelling, understanding the importance of shot composition, lighting, and sound to create a powerful narrative. This also gave me insight into the technical aspects of filmmaking, from operating cameras to editing software, each skill adding a layer to my burgeoning expertise. Perhaps most significantly, this project taught me the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Working closely with a diverse group of individuals, from researchers to editors and directors, I learned the value of each person's contribution to the final product. This collaborative effort was crucial in overcoming obstacles and ensuring the project's success. Overall, this first foray into documentary filmmaking was an enriching experience that laid a solid foundation for my career. It has equipped me with a versatile set of skills and a deeper appreciation for the art and craft of documentary production, setting the stage for future endeavors in the field.