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I live in Alta

I live in Altai

I live in Altai 2016


I live in Altai 2016



Altayskaya Pravda provides its readers with a unique opportunity to be among the first to see the documentary "I Live in Altai". This is a "picture" of the region, told by its inhabitants: why they love their native land. The film consists of a number of short stories and is a journey through the region, where the amazing beauty of the region is shown through the people living here.

Work Experience

Working on the extensive documentary project "I Live in Altai," I gained invaluable experience that significantly broadened my professional horizons. This project required me to process and edit a massive amount of material—around 200 hours of footage—which demanded a high level of work organization, patience, and attention to detail. This project offered me a unique opportunity to immerse myself in the culture and everyday life of Altai residents, to explore and present to viewers their love and attachment to their homeland. While working on the film, which consists of a series of short stories, I improved my storytelling and documentary filming skills, and learned to create strong, emotionally charged narratives that resonate with the audience. I managed to deeply understand the stories told by the participants and visually convey the beauty and uniqueness of the region through its inhabitants' perspectives. This project was a significant step in my career, expanding my portfolio and providing me with opportunities for professional growth and development in film production and documentary filmmaking.