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Anyone There 2

Anyone there?

Anyone There 2015


Anyone There 2015



The film is about a chubby rich man, who is desperately looking for a washroom, and ends up finding one in a strange abandoned building. Soon, he realizes he is stuck inside when the washroom door won’t open, and his only way out is for someone to hear his yelling. Unfortunately, we soon find out he is actually in a deaf-mute building. The film is a metaphoric theme focussing on the troublesome subject about communication. Although we believe that all forms of communication in the 21st century is attainable, regrettably the most basic and simple form of human interaction, particularly hearing a man’s cries, has become an inconvenience no one cares to hear.

Work Experience

Throughout my career as a video editor, I have gained substantial experience that has not only sharpened my technical skills but also enriched my creative abilities. Working with Director Ashot Hovhannisyan has been a pivotal part of my journey, offering me a unique blend of challenges and learning opportunities. Under his guidance, I've learned to approach storytelling with a nuanced perspective, balancing visual aesthetics with narrative depth. Ashot's visionary approach and meticulous attention to detail have pushed me to explore innovative editing techniques and adopt a more dynamic and fluid style of editing. This collaboration has significantly contributed to my growth, enabling me to craft engaging and meaningful content that resonates with audiences. My work with Ashot has been instrumental in refining my skills in pacing, mood setting, and the subtle art of visual storytelling, positioning me as a versatile and proficient video editor in the film industry.