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ArSk / 2015

Armenian Scatches

ArSk / 2015


ArSk / 2015



This 2015 documentary presents a lively and colorful exploration of Armenia. Each segment of the film is a meticulously crafted minute-long story, together forming a larger narrative that celebrates the country's diverse cultural heritage. Viewers are taken on a journey through Armenia's culinary delights, where traditional recipes tell stories of history and identity. The film also dives into the rhythmic heart of Armenian music, featuring both folk and contemporary styles that pulse with the nation’s soul. The art segment illuminates Armenia’s visual splendor, showcasing local artists who are keeping ancient traditions alive while pushing creative boundaries. Finally, the film intimately portrays the people of Armenia — a community marked by resilience, warmth, and a deep connection to their land. This documentary is not just a collection of stories; it’s a vibrant portrait of a nation rich in history and brimming with life, inviting the world to experience the unique spirit of Armenia.

Work Experience

When I embarked on the journey of working on a documentary film about Armenia's rich culture, I didn't realize it would be a transformative experience for me as a video editor. My collaboration with Arman Yeritsyan was a pivotal moment in my career. He opened my eyes to the intricate dance between film and music. Under his guidance, I learned not just to choose the right music, but to edit in harmony with its rhythm, adding depth and emotion to every scene. The tight deadlines of the project could have been overwhelming, but they pushed me to refine my skills and work more efficiently. It was during this project that I also had the chance to work alongside Tigran Baghinyan, my former mentor in video editing. Having him as a colleague this time around brought a new dimension to our interaction. He walked me through some of the finer points of editing, particularly focusing on the art of seamless transitions and perfecting montage stitches. This project wasn't just another job; it was a journey in mastering the art of video editing, where every piece of footage and every beat of music played a crucial role in telling the vibrant story of Armenia.