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AU79 Valery, who works as a night guard, has a chest full of gold, which he inherited from his grandfather, who died in the psychiatric hospital. Valery has a daughter and a son, and his wife died from cancer two years ago. His children were begging him to pay for her treatment, but he didn't. His daughter, Emma, studies in the conservatory as a vocalist and works in "Blue-eyed fish" restaurant as a waitress. His son, "Ashot", have been studying in Agrarian University, but got kicked out because of not going to classes. He rents a car from "Vle" and works as an umber. One day, Valery gets anxious about his gold, which he had buried in an abandoned place, leaves work early and runs to check the chest. As he arrives and finds his chest, he sees there are rocks instead of gold in the chest. He gets really mad about it and starts shouting. A stranger notices Valery and calls the police. Soon, Emma and "Ashot" arrive and tell the police that their father had never had gold. Everybody leaves the place, the stranger comes out from behind the trees holding a bag full of gold in his hands